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Teknique Boxing (TKB) was established in 2012 with the goal to build a facility that balances the elements of an authentic boxing gym and a welcoming environment for anyone in the community seeking to learn, grow and love the art of Boxing.

With that in mind, TKB has built a family of well-versed coaches, amateur and professional fighters. Advanced students having the opportunity to spar with our fight team. Youth and beginners have a welcoming space to learn proper form and boxing fundamentals. And our personal favorite, we help empower people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back through non-contact boxing. 

Our commitment to our members is reflected in everything we do – from keeping class sizes comfortable to cultivating a positive and welcoming culture. Our sense of community within the gym is what makes us special and sets us apart from traditional gyms. Come in and experience what Teknique Boxing has to offer because for us……the ultimate compliment are referrals, they let us know we’re doing a great job.

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what our clients say about us

Lourdes Nieves

The best coaches in the business. Coach JT & Coach Javier definitely go above and beyond Training everyone. They’re very passionate and will ensure to guide the team towards the right direction. We are so happy we found Teknique Boxing Gym. We are grateful for all you’ve taught our son. In less than a year our son was able to compete at the Florida State Junior Olympics and won by 2rd KO. It’s been a dream for my Son BAM to be able to attend a boxing gym and have the best mentors ever. We put our trust in the Teknique Team. We thank you and appreciate all your assistance. The best of the best and the home of the Champions! Again the best coaches ever! We will continue working together. Let’s go Team Teknique!!!

Excellent In cleanliness & welcoming atmosphere!!!! I highly encourage and recommend Teknique Boxing Gym.

Robert Massalene

Hands down one of the best boxing and training gyms around. All levels are welcome and you definitely feel welcomed. The instruction is superb and you are learning from one of the best around. Definitely worth the visit if you are looking to get into another level of fitness to push yourself.

B Nelli

I absolutely love this place! I started with Teknique 5 years ago and still til this day learn something new everyday! It doesn't matter how long it takes for you to learn the technique, Jt is always there to help you along the way. He's a great motivator and he's great with kids. I've seen many of his students become amazing boxers throughout the time I've been there. You can see how much he cares for every single person in that gym. Check him out and def check out the kids class for your child. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Marcia Jones

I My husband has Parkinsons. One of the best thing for PD is Boxing. I'm SO glad I called Teknique Boxing!! Nergiz answered the phone. She's so warm, friendly, encouraging and proud of what they do here - as well she should be.

JT, the Head Trainer is a Professional Boxer himself and he trains other Professionals yet he happily works with my husband who has never boxed before and has the "handicap" of PD. JT is patient and kind but he - I was going to say "pulls no punches" but this IS a Boxing Gym lol - gives my husband a good workout.
If you've thought about getting a good, overall workout, this is the place!

Additionally, I can see that it's a good "mental workout" for my husband.

Mr. Darrell Edwards

I Coach JT is not just and ordinary Boxing Coach, he's a mentor and a person that embodies the true passion of Boxing. His Boxing Gym captures the real essence of the sport, with avenues to fit any individual with the desire and determination to change their life. I recommend this Gym, and I challenge you to take the first step, an embark on a journey that will change your life and the people around you lives forever