“I started training with Jt 2 years ago. I have been to many gyms but hands down he is the best! He always pushed me and never gave up on me. Anybody that's looking into getting in shape or have kids that are interested in boxing Teknique Boxing is the place to be! You will not be disappointed.

- Sabrina Lewis

“...Great place here . To watch what JT does with the kids , is truly amazing . Even with adults that decide to train , if you stick with it the results are amazing . Boxing is a sport and you get what you put into it , the best thing is there's no pressure for anybody . You come in and start with no expectations , no judgement from others and are able to do your best without feeling out of place . So if you're in the area and you're looking to box , train or just a place get in shape and best of all meet new friends and people from all walks of life , this is the place to go !

- Beau Franks

“...Jt. Has been training my son Tyler Feeser, for years now. Tyler has became more confident in his skills and more focused on his future due to JT's skills as a coach and boxer himself. I can't thank him enough for giving Tyler a gym to train at where ethics and morals matter!

I highly recommend you bring your son, daughter or yourself the the gym and give him a try.

Joey Feeser

- Joe Feeser

“...Love this gym. Walking into this gym changed my life for the better. The skills in boxing I picked up were excellent. Eventually competed and won fights and tournaments. Coach has awesome personality. Checks in with the younger ones to make sure they're doing good in school and not learning about boxing to be bullies. But he teaches them to be confident against bullies. Humbling experience and definitely worth it. Would definitely suggest you go and try it out.”

- Shawn Simms

“...Coach JT is not just and ordinary Boxing Coach, he's a mentor and a person that embodies the true passion of Boxing. His Boxing Gym captures the real essence of the sport, with avenues to fit any individual with the desire and determination to change their life. I recommend this Gym, and I challenge you to take the first step, an embark on a journey that will change your life and the people around you lives forever..."

- Mr. Darrell Edwards-

Owner of Solid Rock Karate

“...A phenomenal gym for all ages! Great with kids and adults as well as helping meet your goals! Feels like one big family when your there!

- Jimmy Torelli

“...My boys have been training with JT a little over a year now. There really isn't any words to tell the kind of bond he has with these kids. My middle son has ADHD and the patience he has with him trying to focus is really amazing . Teknique boxing isn't just about boxing it's about family and love . You won't be disappointed in trying it out for yourself & kids

- Vanessa Torres

“...Awesome place to be. We are almost a month into it and my son absolutely loves it. The staff is great and they are very professional. I love the time they are taking up with my son. Excellent role models.

- Crystal Ford