Youth Boxing Program

Our youth boxing Program is design with similarities of Karate style grading and promoting. Our youth will be graded by Discipline, Performance, Knowledge, and of course Footwork & Boxing Skill.

Each student will have to earn there next promotion by continuing to train hard and focus on their skill. We teach each child the skill and technique they will need for promotion day. On promotion day those that are ready for the promotion will have to stand in front of the Head Instructor and perform certain task in order for them to receive their promotion.

Each student start the program off with Black Hand Wraps  
Once a student has recieved 4 stripes on their Hand Wraps they will be able to move on to the next Level.

We have many different promotion levels.

Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, & Red

Each child partaking in the promotion ceremony will earn a Stripe if they complete the Task presented by the head instructor.

Boxing Class

Teknique Boxing Class will have you feeling like your actually about to fight. This is a non-contact class for individuals that don’t want the contact and also the individuals that do want the contact. We focus on footwork, hand eye coordination, Boxing combinations, foot placement, angles, Bob and Weaves, Slips and rolls, timing and most important conditioning.

Correct posture: Proper balance and stance is essential for boxing. You will learn to move your feet with your hands and corrective balance techniques, which will increase your body-awareness in everyday life.

You’ll do Medicine Ball drills, Sprints, punching Heavy Bags and footwork drills to build greater stamina, muscle tone and lean muscle mass. You’ll increase your energy, flexibility, stamina, and all fitness weakness you may have.

This is the class that will test you and see how good of shape you think you’re in. It will also build whatever shape or form you’re in now and build a better mind, body and soul. Are you up for the test?

Teknique Boxing Programs