Owner/Coach/Mentor of Teknique Boxing
James "JT" Taylor
"Coach JT"


I was Born and raised in Columbus, Ga. Moved to Orlando, Fl when I was 14 years old. Growing up in a military home I was taught discipline at an early age. After moving to Florida I had to grow up fast being out in a new town learning the ropes and doing mostly everything on my own. I put myself through college and with all the discipline I was taught from my mother and father I had no give up bone in my body.  Starting boxing in 2004. I felt I was destined for greatness in the sport of boxing. After winning the 2009 Florida State Championship and winning the award for most outstanding boxer in the tournament I ended up in the hospital for Appendicitis. After having my Appendix removed and not able to compete I started training MMA fighters with their striking. With the success of many fighters I gained the confidence to build my legacy as a coach.  I started Teknique Boxing in 2012 and haven't looked back since. I've reached so many young men and women and watched them grow into young successful human beings. With so many accomplishments already achieved I understand this is still the beginning. There is still alot of work to do. To help each one of these kids become something better than they have ever imagined. This is my goal and I'll continue on this goal as long as I can.

Latest achievements- 2016 Opened Fusion X-cel Performance in Ocoee, Fl West Oaks Mall with fellow friends of his.


"Our youth is everything to us. We need them more than we realize. Stand together succeed together and never leave anyone behind."

                             Coach JT


As a trainer it is my goal to change the way people think about working out. I strive to provide fun and effective workouts for all ages and body types, ranging from athletes to retirees in a comfortable unintimidating atmosphere with a friendly and patient staff. My current clients range from ages 12 to 67! Often time people are intimidated by the gym and working out but with BMJ Fitness my goal is to meet you where you are. My overall goal is to provide individualized assistance to various body types and ages to meet their fitness goals. I stand behind the motto of BMJ Fitness, which is “Change starts with you and help is here!” Once you take the first step and decide to change your body, together we will do the rest. I look forward to working with you!

Contact Me today for Info: (313) 333-3156

Owner/Coach/Mentor of BMJ FITNESS
Brenton McCall, Jr.
“Coach Brent”

Youth Boxing Coach
Steven Robledo
"Coach Steven"

Assistant Youth Boxing Coach
Zeleck Ruiz
"Coach Zee"

I started Boxing with Coach JT 5 years ago and the reason I became a youth boxing coach is that I like to inspire the kids. Teach them to have confidence and determination in a sport where Later in life they can input these skills into there lifestyle. Teknique is the perfect place to bring your child. Especially if you have troubled youth on your hands or a kid looking to boost their confidence. This is the place for them. I came here looking for confidence, was afraid to talk in front of people now I coach the Youth Boxing Class. That should say alot. 

I started Boxing 4 years ago under My Head Coach JT. I've learn alot from being here with Teknique Boxing that i saw changed my life. So I look forward to working with younger Kids so I can give back and show them that there is always a positive way to change things. I'm dedicated in helping each one of the kids to become a better person currently and in the future.

Boxing Bootcamp & Fitness Instructor
Joeworn "JJ" Martin
Coach JJ

I believe that confidence is the key to success. Determination is the drive for your hard work. It starts mentally, and that moment you believe in yourself, will be that exact moment you change for the better. That being said no excuses let’s get fit, become healthy, and let’s get these rounds done in style.