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Teknique Boxing started in 2012 by owner James JT Taylor. Coach JT was on a mission to start a gym that would give kids the freedom to be themselves, and at the same time learn how to be discipline, respectful, and helpful to their peers. 

Clients constantly let us know how much they appreciate our training. The only thing that is better is when a new client tells us they found out about us from someone else. For us, referrals are the ultimate compliment, as they let us and you know we're good at what we do.

Marcia Jones

My husband has Parkinsons. One of the best thing for PD is Boxing. I'm SO glad I called Teknique Boxing!! Nergiz answered the phone. She's so warm, friendly, encouraging and proud of what they do here - as well she should be. JT, the Head Trainer is a Professional Boxer himself and he trains other Professionals yet he happily works with my husband who has never boxed before and has the "handicap" of PD. JT is patient and kind but he - I was going to say "pulls no punches" but this IS a Boxing Gym lol - gives my husband a good workout.If you've thought about getting a good, overall workout, this is the place! Additionally, I can see that it's a good "mental workout" for my husband.

Crystal Ward

My son has been working with JT for the past few weeks on agility and speed skills for baseball. This weekend during the Select 30 Super NIT USSSA tournament he made 3 great ?EPSN? top 10 type catches in the outfield and was awarded a Golden Ticket Invitation to the Super 30 Championships in August. This shows that JT?s hard work and training is really paying off!!! Can?t wait to start the next session with him!

Juan Preciado

Great boxing gym. I started training at Teknique during a hard time in my life and although coach doesnt know it he made a huge impact in it. I trained with coach JT and his group for about 2 years. I learned a lot about the sport and about myself. I loved the gym and the variety of workouts that coach would put the group through. Some were in the gym, some were at the dog park or behind the gym or on the parking lot. No matter where they were I loved the team feeling and personal training feeling of all of them. I've been to many boxing gyms and trained with many people but coach JT and Teknique are my favorite. JT is a great trainer and is a great people person as well. Those two things together are hard to find. He is really passionate about boxing and really cares about every single person that he trains.

Lisa McCoy

This is by far the best workout experience I have ever taken part in. I have been working out for over 10 years in the community. I've done everything from body pump and spin classes to bootcamps and crossfit. I came here to learn a new skill - boxing. Not only did I find it challenging, it is the most fun I have ever had working out. I am at a whole new level in my fitness journey. James Taylor, who is the head coach, is the most motivational trainer I have ever worked with. He makes all the workouts fun, even the ones where you want to just give up. If you are looking for a place where you can get the motivation you need to get in shape or if you are looking to take your fitness to a higher level, this is the place to be.My 12 year old daughter has also started the kids boxing classes and absolutely loves it. It has been great for her confidence, and I love that she is learning a skill she can use to defend herself should she ever need to.This place makes you feel like you are a part of a family rather than simply a dollar sign. The camaraderie and support you receive from the coaches and the rest of the students is beyond compare. Come check them out. You will wish you had done it sooner!

Sandy Snodgrass

We have been going to Teknique Boxing for almost 2 years now and WOW what an amazing place!!! Our son Gabe has excelled so much! !! This is our home away from home .... Definitely well worth it!!! This gym is awesome!!!

chao wu

JT is the best boxing coach around central Florida. I highly recommend this arena if you want to either learn how to box or just to get In shape.

nick games

I train in the MMA program at technique boxing, this is the best gym I have ever been apart of. Eric and JT treat me like family! My confidence and conditioning have never been better, and I live my life by the motto "hard work pays off"